Understanding the Design and Construction of Staircases

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A well-constructed set of stairs is the key to building the perfect workspace. Staircases are usually one of the central elements of a fitout or commercial space that significantly impacts the look and feel of the space. While you may want to design and construct a staircase that appeals to the main aesthetics of the space, you need to ensure that your staircase offers practical functionality, as well as being fully compliant. 

Planning the design and construction of your staircase can be an overwhelming task. So here are a few considerations that will help you develop a productive staircase project and achieve the right fit for your space. 


Things to consider when building your staircase 

1. Budget 

It’s important to determine the amount of money to spend on a commercial staircase project. Not only will it help you to stay on track, but it will also enable you to set realistic expectations for the project. You can estimate the cost of the project based on the services, materials, and designs that will be used. 

2. Location and space

You need to dedicate a considerable amount of space to fit in a staircase in an office space. It might be useful to read up on the Australian standards for stair construction and measure the size and dimension of your workspace to ensure the staircase fits in seamlessly. You also need to make sure that the stairs’ end is close to a door in case of a fire or other emergencies. 

3. Materials 

Your chosen material for the staircase is integral in determining the final result that you want to achieve. For safety purposes, it’s important to build your staircase with sturdy and durable materials. Not only does it offer you more stability but it also helps you avoid hefty replacement costs in the future. Some material options that you can consider include: 

• Timber: Wood is a timeless and versatile material that easily fits in any interior theme. 

• Metal: This is an ideal option for anyone who appreciates low maintenance and practical furniture. 

• Glass or acrylic: A set of see-through stairs adds a contemporary aesthetic to your space and spreads out natural light around the room. 

• Stone or concrete: This is a popular option for anyone who prefers a grandeur style. However, stone or concrete staircases are generally more expensive compared to other materials. 


Elements to consider for your staircase design 

There are various things that contribute to the overall appearance of a staircase. Keep reading to learn more about important factors and features that you should consider for your stair design

1. The layout

Three popular staircase layout styles include:

• Straight: This is the most common and cost-effective design.

• Spiral: Also known as a space-saving alternative.

• Turned: This staircase splits the flight of stairs in two and connects them with a landing in the middle. 

Each style has its own benefits and drawbacks – for example, a spiral staircase may not be practical when it comes to moving large objects to the floor above. It’s recommended to consult with experts and consider your needs carefully before making a choice. 

2. The treads

A stair tread is the horizontal part of stairs that you will step on. There are many types of treads available, but you need to consider your options carefully. For example, if you choose to utilise open treads for a more stylish look, you won’t be able to build a cupboard underneath. 

3. The balustrade

There is a wide range of balustrade options to choose from. You can opt for a glazed style for a minimalistic look, the traditional steel picket style, or an intricate floral design with wrought iron. 

Whichever style and design you end up selecting, Active Metal’s talented specialists are able to provide you with informed recommendations on creating a unique and exceptional stair design.


Contact Active Metal – the experts in stair design and construction 

Staircase design and construction is one of the core fields of expertise at Active Metal. Our excellent and reliable capabilities will provide you with a unique staircase design, premium materials, and a reliable project plan that brings your vision to life. 


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