What are Steel Plate Stairs?

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For the astute designer looking for a dimensionally compact stair construction type, there really isn’t anything that comes close to the steel plate staircase!

The full steel plate staircase design configuration incorporates both the structural stringer and architectural balustrade in one seamless plate, allowing for both simplicity of design and elegance of form.

Inherent to this design philosophy are the myriad geometric form possibilities ranging from the angular and sharp edge style designs right through to the more flowing and elegant spiral, helical and ellipse styled aesthetics.

When using a time tested and universally trusted construction material such as steel plate in your Staircase Project, all the required steps are optimized for integration within a standard design pipeline.

Steel plate is a natural choice in structural engineering, as it performs at a high standard even when cut, rolled, bent, drilled, bolted, or welded. Structural design resources are minimised as the simplicity and strength of a steel plate staircase can be applied to almost any configuration with minimal calculations and design iterations. The use of a single plate to function as both stringer and balustrade dramatically minimises the need for extra structural elements such as steel beams, columns, or tubular sections reducing the cost not only of design, but also of processing, manufacturing, and installation.

The large, thin, and flat unbroken surfaces provided by using steel plate lend themselves well to modern architectural design, excelling in areas where joins, seams and surface features are to be as unobtrusive as possible. Steel can be formed into almost any geometric shape with transitions between these shapes being either smooth and seamless, or dramatic and stark, allowing the architect more freedom to express themselves with shape language while still staying within the constraints of a project budget.

Steel plate provides a versatile substrate for all types architectural surface finishes and veneers, allowing the layering of textures, materials and paint finishes on a thin and strong base, further opening design possibilities for creative expression.

The fabrication of a steel plate staircase is fast and efficient, with less part counts, less welding and less bolted connections simplifying the process. The construction of the full staircase as a complete unit allows us to refine the geometry and ensure that fit and finish are to the highest standard before leaving our facility.

Steel plate staircases can be broken down into any size component to suit site access and handling limitations, without sacrificing any structural or architectural integrity when re-assembled and finished onsite. This can be especially beneficial where site access is through service elevators only or tight building access and the use of many welded joins and site applied finishes can make a very large or geometrically complex staircase possible.

Ultimately the key benefit to this staircase design is the simplicity. This provides a tangible benefit to all processes starting from the initial concept and flowing right through to the final finishing touches on site. Steel plate staircases are a smart choice for elegant, efficient and cost effective design.


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Article credit to: Mark Wheeler 


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