Commercial Stair Balustrades

Active Metal specialises in the design and installation of office stair balustrades. We can help with a range of different designs that can be customised based on your needs and style preferences. Our team uses state-of-the-art engineering techniques and processes to ensure that all projects are completed to the highest standards. Expect a truly impressive balustrade when you decide to work with the experts at Active Metal. 

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Our stair balustrade design options include:

  • Glazed – frameless on standoffs
  • Glazed – frameless with sandwich plate and cover plate to stringer
  • Glazed – frameless grout into stringer channel
  • Glazed – frameless with sandwich plate and cover plate to stringer with posts
  • Glazed – frameless with posts and spider fittings
  • Steel plate – integrated stringer
  • Joinery claud balustrade
  • Steel picket balustrade – separate element
  • Steel picket balustrade – integrated
  • Steel picket balustrade – custom wrought iron style
  • Timber blade or batton screen balustrade
  • Woven mesh balustrade
  • Weld mesh
  • Perforated metal balustrade
  • High load rated balustrade 


Why do I need balustrades?

Balustrades are an imperative feature of every stair as they prevent people from falling off. In simple terms, any structure, building edge or stair that is 1 metre or higher above the ground needs a balustrade to stop people from falling over the edge. Mostly this is a legal requirement of the Australian Building Standards and Codes. If you’re unsure about what requirements you need to meet, contact the expert team at Active Metal.    

What are the common types of balustrades?

Balustrades can be made in a range of different designs based on the needs and style preferences of the customer. Steel plate balustrades, steel picket balustrades, glazed frameless designs, and perforated metal options are just some of the common types. The experienced team at Active Metal can create the perfect balustrade and stair design to complement your commercial site.