Commercial Staircase Designs

Our talented team can transform your project by drawing on their experience over decades in creating many unique commercial stair designs. Whether it’s just a simple 2-level project or a huge multiple floor atrium, we have the skills and experience to achieve truly amazing results.  How do we do this? By using the very latest in design technology and engineering practices, paired with an industry knowledge second to none. What is more, Active Metal has the project management experience to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish, no matter what trades and finishes are involved. It’s all about delivering exceptional results for clients while providing total peace of mind. Read More...


Complementing any stair design, we can bring to life all kinds of stunning balustrade ideas. Guaranteed to meet the aesthetic intent of the designer, we can use materials such as steel plate, woven mesh, timber joinery, glass, stainless steel and even wrought iron to create the exact balustrade design, right down to the finest detail. Our functional designs will always look incredible and work with whatever commercial interior design, whether industrial, contemporary or elegant.


Glass is one of the most common design elements used in staircases. While generally used in the balustrades, it may even be used as a tread and landing option if a semi translucent design is desired. For the discerning designer it is important to know the differences. What is toughened glass? What is low-iron, and how does this compare to Star-fire? And then there is the whole subject of laminated glass. Talk to the experts at Active Metal to find out what is the best glass for your project.   Some glass options featured here include: 
  • Clear toughened safety glass - low iron
  • Clear toughened safety glass - standard
  • PVB laminated toughened clear safety glass
  • SGP laminated toughened clear safety glass
  • Toughened safety glass - satin frost 

Stair styles    

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what we can create. From floating staircases to spiral or helical office stairs and everything in between, our experienced team will go to any length to ensure your stair design vision is fulfilled. Accentuate the natural features of the building, or create something that organically fits within a commercial interior design or push the boundaries to create something entirely unique.


Our handrail designs are more than just about improving safety. We can design and build beautiful handrails that complement and coordinate with your interior design, taking it to a whole new level. Think stainless steel, brass, timber, leather and painted handrails that provide for a sophisticated finish. Want something more? We can install LED handrail lighting to really bring the sparkle.  


Soffits can be made based on your requirements and style preferences. Our expertise includes a range of different designs, all of which are created to the highest standards of craftsmanship for a distinguished look.  We can help with:
  • Exposed soffits
  • Plasterboard soffits
  • Polyurethane soffits
  • Aluminium composite soffits
  • FC (cement sheet) soffits
  • Timber veneer soffits
  • Timber slatted soffits 

Tread types

Tread types are designed with aesthetics, safety and quality in mind. We expertly manufacture and install based on your design or site preferences, including safety requirements. Options include solid timber, engineered board, painted steel, continuous vinyl, glass, rubber, even polished concrete. 

Stringer types

Our staircase designs feature all kinds of stringer types. Often driven by engineering demands and aesthetics, our team will use advanced design techniques and engineering processes to select the optimum alternative for your project. Using their hard earned experience, they will advise on what is best suited to the project on hand. Direction and advice on the best stringer type can have great effects on the project outcome in terms of price and appearance.