Commercial Stairs FAQ

Commercial Stairs FAQ

Got a question about our commercial stair design capabilities? Check out our FAQ section below. Active Metal works with clients across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. 


1. Does Active Metal only build commercial staircases?

Over 95% of Active Metal’s staircases are for new commercial or tertiary buildings and commercial workspaces. However Active Metal does occasionally build residential stairs as required, particularly if they are of a distinctive design that is outside the capability of most residential stair builders.


2. How much does a commercial staircase cost? 

Staircase costs vary widely depending upon the style, size, materials and finishes. Our business development team will work with you to establish high level costings in the earliest stages of the project


3. What is the normal lead-time for a staircase to be built and installed?

Depending on the complexity and size of the staircase, an end-to-end lead-time would generally be a minimum of 6-8 weeks for a basic single level stair. However this will be impacted by things such as design development, number of levels, material selection, and of course your target PC. Our pre-construction team will work with you in the earliest stages of the project to provide you with accurate programming to work with the overall project deadlines 


4. Will an on site inspection be required as part of the quoting process?

A site inspection will often be made to support the accuracy of the pricing process, where practical. Path of access to the installation zone is a particular area of focus as well as any other unique site conditions and features.


5. How do I get a quote?

To have your project priced, please send all information such as drawings, photo’s, specifications and anything else of interest to One of our Team will then get in touch to arrange the next steps.


6. Can the Active Metal Team suggest a staircase design for my building?

Absolutely. The Active Metal Team has its own in-house design and engineering capability and are fully capable to take your project from an idea and build it into a reality.


7. Where in Australia do you service?

Active Metal services every capital city Australia-wide, and is able to complete work in regional areas also.


8. Do you offer a product warranty?

All of our projects are warranted in accordance with the contractual obligations of each project. Where not stated, 12 months warranty is standard.


9. I have a staircase that needs repairs or maintenance, what can I do?

Please contact our Team via or on 1300 685 000 with a detailed enquiry and a Team member will be in touch to organise a site inspection


10. I have a staircase that no longer complies with the current Standards or BCA. What should I do?

Please contact our Team via or on 1300 685 000 with a detailed enquiry and a Team member will be in touch to organise a site inspection


11. Where can I see completed works by Active Metal?

If you would like to inspect completed projects by Active Metal, please reach out to the Team via or on 1300 685 000 and we will organise a site inspection tour for your convenience. Alternatively, we can send you links to our website or arrange specific images to be sent to you.