Stair Inspiration – Colorful Architectural Stairs in Lego Group Campus, Demark

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Stair Inspiration: Colorful architectural stairs in the LEGO Group Campus, Denmark.

The headquarters building for the toy company Lego was designed by Danish architecture firm C.F. Møller Architects to incorporate Lego’s core values of ” imagination, fun, creativity, caring, learning, and quality”. The campus is a 54,000 square meter office block that contains a workspace for 2000 employees.

The connections between buildings are defined by the colored stairs. Connecting the four-story atrium lit by skylight is the large yellow curved staircase. Red switchback stairs and green spiral stairs connect the internal workspace. Timber floor seating stairs are applied in sports and social areas.

Flexible and sustainable office complex and park that supports the playful culture of the LEGO Group.

Full credits to: C.F. Møller Architects



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