CPD Video | Connecting People – Creating Commercial Stair Design

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For those that missed our CPD Live: Connecting People – Creating Commercial Stair Design, you can now watch on the link below:


In this presentation, we touch on the role of a specialist stair design consultant especially with spiral stair designs. Outlining the need to understand how all aspects of stairway design can work together for a superior user experience and outcome, we also explore recent case studies.

Wrapping up with a look at the future of stairs in a post-COVID world, this presentation will provide the listener with enough of a degree of knowledge and confidence to approach the creative design of stairs with an improved level of understanding.

At the presentation, you would be able to learn:

  • Identify what are the key regulations that govern stair design and why they matter
  • Identify and define what makes a creative stair design
  • Evaluate and apply knowledge of key regulation requirements and their best practice application to future project


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