Looking forward, Looking back – Government Agency Office

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The Government Agency stair was completed in 2015 for the commencement of one of Australia’s largest rail projects at the time. The stair was quite unique at the time as we completely clad the outside in lime washed joinery to give a very 3 dimensional appearance. The green paint and resilient flooring provided an incredible pop of colour also! A really cool feature here was the glass roof to the atrium that the stair was installed in which provided a huge amount of natural light which is unusual for most office fit-outs.

We thought this was a good time to pull out some footage that had never been used at the time, and as previous, run the old 3D CAD files through our 2020 rendering software to bring it right up to date! How technology has moved on, even in just 5 years, is remarkable.
Kudos to MPA and the team at Davenport Campbell for their brilliant work all those years ago!

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