Stair Inspiration: The Unity Staircase of Olympic House

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Referencing Baron Pierre de Coubertin’s Olympic Rings, The Unity Staircase soars the full height of the building and connects the five floors through a central atrium inside the new headquarters of International Olympic House.

Subtle yet symbolic reflection of the Olympic spirits, when viewed from below, the architectural staircase appears as though they are interlocking circles – a nod to the Olympic principles: movement, transparency, flexibility, sustainability and collaboration.

The staircase is a visual expression of staff and stakeholder unity and most certainly the Olympic Spirit.  Following the principles of active design, the oak staircase and its periphery define the central area for social activities and movements, including the Exhibition spaces, seating areas, a cafeteria and meeting rooms are arranged around central staircase, promoting a sense of community and facilitating communications for all regular users.

Designed by 3XN Architects, this multiple awards winning new Olympic House building has opened its door to public in 2019.




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