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It’s funny how things change over time. When we started out as metalworkers way back in 1994, the Metal in our name was very much the big thing. However, move the clock on 24 years and “Metal” has been receding for some time.

Today we are much more than metal fabricators – we are interior designers, we are engineers, we are compliance specialists, we are experts in all types of finishing. Oh, and by the way, we happen to make great steel staircases and balustrades.

In today’s ever-evolving design and construct contracting space, what architects and builders need more than ever is a reliable specialist partner. Someone who has the answers. Someone who consistently supports them through a project, from design right through to build.

When it comes to stairs, Active Metal is that partner. The facts are, our team live and breathe stairs. And this isn’t theoretical knowledge. This is hard earned experience at the coal face. No other company has a stair construction history like ours. Whether it’s the best way to fabricate a stair, or what tread combination is best, or how to overcome some specific obstacle onsite, it is more than likely that Active Metal has been there already. But what’s the best bit? We’re happy to share our IP with you.


“But what’s the best bit? We’re happy to share our IP with you.”


More and more project teams are proving the benefit from day 1 of adding the expertise of one of our stair designers to the project team. But being far more than just a consultant, Active Metal can take the guesswork out of it entirely by wrapping up design and budget estimation in one process, so you are instantly able to provide your client with budgets and value engineering options.

With design closed out, our Project team can then take care of every aspect of the process from fabrication through to installation and finishing. We take the stress out of it by wrapping up a dozen or so micro-finishing trades and delivering you a turn key result, on the program.

Our aim is to make the inclusion of an iconic staircase in your next project, as professional and as smooth as is humanly possible.


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